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Being informed is the key to a smooth and successful home purchase. We want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions and save you valuable time, money, and stress. A brief phone conversation with us may be life-changing. Whether you are looking to purchase a home for you and your family to live in, or if you’re looking for an investment property, contact us.

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Rain Gardens

Posted by Jacqueline Richards // June 20, 2024

Rain gardens are bowl-shaped areas in a landscape designed to capture and soak in rainwater from roofs and driveways. Special plants are chosen that can have “wet feet” for a few hours. Rain gardens add beauty to your yard while reducing the time and resources you will spend maintaining a lawn. These gardens filter pollutants […]

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5 Reasons To Hire a Landscaper Instead of Doing a DIY Landscape

Posted by Jacqueline Richards // June 13, 2024

Even though a DIY landscape seems like it’d be a fairly simple project (who doesn’t love spending time in the garden?), transforming a landscape on your own may not be the best use of your time and money. Before you pull the trigger on your DIY yard, think about these other 5 valuable things a […]

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15 Curb Appeal Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Posted by Jacqueline Richards // June 6, 2024

Homes with high curb appeal can increase a home’s value up to 7%, according to a joint study by the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Alabama. That means with a $300,000 home, you could be looking at $21,000 more for your sale, just for improving the way your front yard landscape. On the […]

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May 10, 2020

From a 1 to 10 we can definitely give you a 10 easily.  Your beyond professional with everything you do. Knowing we were still living in our home before we sold it to your company and you still let us stay in there until we closed on the new one was remarkable.  We gave you the idea of what we wanted in searching for our new home and you found it in about a weeks time and it was exactly what we asked for. Our closing date changed and it messed my wife and I up with what we were trying to do and you got it pushed up for us to close at the time we wanted. Not only that but every appointment we had you was there before anybody got there ready to do what you do best and you spoke up for us about things we didn't understand and you always asked us is this OK with you guys and which direction do we think suits us. We thank you for your time and not just treating us like another customer to get out the way. We built a bond and I would highly recommend anyone to use you guys.  

Keasha Best and Quentine Nesmith

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